Photo of a chalkboard that lists farm partners at The Market.

Financial Donations

There are many options for supporting our programming. GoodRoots Northwest has succeeded and thrived because of the generous support of our community.

We have a wide range of options for financial contributions. With innovation and a dignity-forward approach, we are actively changing the narrative of food insecurity in real-time. Come be a part of the change. 

Opportunities for Giving

Supporting GoodRoots through your gift cultivates a sustainable future for generations to come.

GoodRoots Northwest

One-time Gifts

Providing our organization with immediate funding helps us address the most pressing needs, launch new programs, or support ongoing initiatives. This quick injection of funds can make a significant difference in our ability to serve their mission and beneficiaries.

One-Time Gift
GoodRoots Northwest

Recurring Gifts

Join Team28! Provide recurring gifts to provide steady and predictable source of income for our organization. Knowing we will receive regular donations allows us to better plan budgets, allocate resources, and make strategic decisions.

Monthly Gift
GoodRoots Northwest

Gift Stocks

Are you still trying to decide if you are taking an RMD (Required Minimum Distribution)? You can now contribute to our organization while enjoying significant tax benefits. Learn more about this new option, and how they are transforming the landscape of charitable giving.

Gift Stocks

By investing in our organization each month as part of a monthly recurring donation program, I make a promise to you that I will do everything I can to BE THE CHANGE we all want to see - for just $28.

To connect our community to the greater purpose of creating a safety net for all. And to do so with great care and transparency. Twenty eight dollars a month is something that can create real change in the lives of your neighbors right now.

  • $28 is what it takes to serve anyone that walks through our door
  • $28 is what it takes for us to make hard moments in someone's life feel less hard
  • $28 is what it takes to fill a cart of healthy foods for young minds and bodies
  • $28 is what it takes to run a delivery route for the most vulnerable
  • $28 is what it takes to ensure every person feels represented and seen
  • $28 is what it takes to deliver technology focused innovations
  • $28 is what it takes to make sure familiar and comforting smiles of our staff
  • $28 is what it takes to invest in your own community and have the most impact

$28 is hope.

GoodRoots is an innovative organization that explores the entire food system to solve access barriers, advocate for racial and food justice, promote health and wellness, and contribute to the region's economic development. We have moved from a small city food bank to a regional presence.

We call our signature project "The Market" because our food pantry looks like a metropolitan market, offering a dignity-focused choice model offering the best quality nutritional food. We partner with local farmers and growers to purchase nutritious and culturally inclusive foods which positively impact the local economy.

An expansion of the Market includes refrigerated Lockers that remove food access barriers. Our pilot at the Market allows customers to receive food at their convenience. We will be expanding these lockers throughout rural Pierce County.

Our Kid's Backpack program, in partnership with Sumner-Bonney Lake School District, keeps at-risk students nourished on the weekend so they return to school ready to learn.

We also have raised food gardens surrounding the Market and will soon have additional agriculture opportunities.
We consider our programs, community programs. We are thankful for your investment in our work. Thank you!

Want to mail a check? Mail can be sent to P. O. Box 7521, Bonney Lake WA 98391.

Yes, we even accept cryptocurrency! We have a platform for transferring funds through Coin Base. 

Stock Donations: A Win-Win for All 

Traditionally, charitable donations have often been associated with cash or in-kind contributions. However, many donors may not realize that they can also donate stocks, bonds, or other securities they hold. This option provides a win-win situation for both donors and nonprofits. 

Tax Advantages: You (donor) can receive significant tax benefits when you donate appreciated stocks. When you donate stock that has increased in value, you may avoid paying capital gains tax and receive a charitable deduction for the full, fair-market value of the stock. This can result in substantial savings for you, the donor, while also supporting our work. 

More Significant Impact: Our organization benefits from receiving stock donations as we can sell the securities without incurring capital gains taxes. This means more resources are available to fund our programs and initiatives, furthering our impact in the community. 

How Stock Donations Work 

Donating stock to our nonprofit is a relatively straightforward process. Here is how it typically works: 

Contact us: Begin by reaching out to our organization. We will provide you with a ‘Gifts of Stock’ form to bring to your brokerage firm to complete.  

Transfer the Stock: You will need to transfer the stock electronically from your brokerage account to the nonprofit's brokerage account. The nonprofit will provide you with their account details, making the transfer seamless. 

Tax Deduction: After the stock transfer is complete, you will receive a receipt for your tax-deductible donation. It is important to consult with a tax professional to maximize your tax benefits. 

The Nonprofit Sells the Stock: Once we receive the donated stock, we will sell it and use the proceeds to further our mission. 

Stock Donations: A New Frontier in Charitable Giving 

The acceptance of stock donations is a clear testament to the adaptability and innovation of our organizations. By embracing this approach, we can tap into a new funding source to significantly bolster our mission. As a donor, on the other hand, you can maximize your giving potential while enjoying substantial tax benefits. It is a win-win scenario that showcases the creative ways we are evolving to support those food insecure through our work. 

Let’s Get Started 

Email for the Gift Stock Form.  

Workplace Giving - Many employers offer payroll deductions to a nonprofit.  Make a one-time donation or split it up with a recurring donation. $25 a month may be more affordable than a one-time $300 gift.


Designated Giving - Does your employer conduct a United Way, Combined Federal Campaign, or other Workplace campaigns? If so, consider designating a portion of your donation to GoodRoots.


Double Your Donation - Does your employer match your contribution? If so, double your impact!

Dollars for Doers - Does your employer offer a 'dollars-for-doer's or volunteer-match? If so, you can double the impact by volunteering and knowing your company will match the hours with incentive pay (i.e. 1 hour = $100). 

Fred Meyer Rewards - How to link your card to our organization - click here