1,000 Orders

GoodRoots Northwest / January 20, 2023

A celebration of our Locker Program...

🎉🎉It was a big day. Our lockers hit 1,000 orders delivered. 🎉🎉

🎉1,000 orders where a dad didn’t have to choose between feeding his family in this economy and keeping the car he takes to work. Shopping on his short lunch break just isn’t possible. 

🎉1,000 orders where a mom brings home healthy foods for her kids without sharing her struggle with anyone. All she had to do was email lockers@bonneylakefoodbank.org 

🎉1,000 orders where an older adult on a fixed income found a safety net that allowed them to keep their dignity after working hard to feel secure in this season of life. But not all things go as planned. 

🎉1,000 orders where a young adult trying to stay afloat while going to school doesn’t have to eat ramen daily. Basic nutrition helps their brain function better. 

🎉1,000 orders where someone in a cycle of just getting by has one thing in their life that’s convenient. Knowing too well that convenience is only afforded to those that can afford it. 

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If that’s what 1,000 looks like….I can’t even imagine what 100,000 will bring. We are so thankful to operate our business of innovation and wholehearted gestures of community. Thanks for being along for this fantastic ride with us ❤️