A live turkey stands next to a pallet of cardboard boxes.

The Bravest Turkey

A Thanksgiving Tale

GoodRoots Northwest / November 28, 2023

Last week, the week before Thanksgiving, the bravest turkey showed up on our front porch and was looking through the window at all of us.

Typically, food banks receive a lot of donated turkey for our customers, but in an uncanny twist, this turkey was alive and well. Tame as can be, she was simply looking for a snack. We fed her some locally grown produce and walked her home. Two days later, she was on our front porch again. But this time, she disguised herself as a volunteer so she could stay a bit longer. And to be honest, she did a great job.

  1. She worked the parking lot and waived to our customers.
  2. She checked in our deliveries (unfortunately this pallet was frozen turkeys)
  3. She tried to get in our she-shed break room to kick her feet up for a moment.
  4. She unloaded the van.
  5. She worked the checkout line inside The Market and made everyone smile.

After all that work, we walked our little helper home. What a brave girl to hang out at a foodbank just days before Thanksgiving!

It’s tradition around here that after 50 hours of service you get a customized name tag. Any ideas on what her name should be? With 3 Stephanie’s on our Market team, our staff would like to name her “Stuffany”.


I can’t make this up….

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from Stuffany and the Market Team.