More Than Appearances

GoodRoots Northwest / February 28, 2022

A story of a white fire extinguisher...

I have been told by a few people that I’m specific when it comes to design and color palette. I make no apologies … but I also am always willing to laugh at my quirks.

The thing about this project, though, is that there are multiple layers of depth and intention. So while the color palette is specific, it also serves a purpose.

First, it’s neutral. Your emotional response to it is then neutral. We know certain colors trigger different responses and have different cultural meanings, but this palette doesn’t force any emotion whatsoever and thus all people feel comfortable.

Second, it’s bright and reflects light. The space feels clean and bright on even the darkest days. Brightness uplifts your spirit and evokes a sense of hope.

Third, there is a level of sophistication to black and white. It subconsciously says that the space is important … which it is. Important things happen here.

Forth, the neutrality makes the food take center stage as the star. We are all about the food here! 


There’s that saying “be the change you want to see.” I love this sentiment. But for this project and all its intentions, I would also like to add “LOOK like the change you want to see.”

If you want spaces in your community to evoke great change, try making them LOOK like they command the respect they deserve. People say to me often that this is the Nordstrom buyer in me that created this space, but I’m revealing to you now that it goes much deeper than appearances. 

So why am I telling you this while showing you a picture of a fire extinguisher?? Because when Dennis McLeod of McLeod Fire Protection Inc. met me to donate his services, he instantly saw that red extinguishers would be problematic. Without saying anything, he proceeded to search the entire county for these specific white ones … and we are now in compliance for safety while still maintaining my very specific ideas about color. 

Dennis … you get me. Never once did he laugh. He simply said “I like what you’ve done and there seems to be a reason for everything. I just want you to be happy with my work.”

Thank you for your time and for donating your expertise. 🖤

- Stacey