Onward To 2022

GoodRoots Northwest / January 11, 2022

Reflecting on 2021!

There is so much to reflect and be proud of in 2021.

The strength, resiliency, generosity, and forward mindset of this community continues to leave me awestruck. We walked into 2021 with best intentions for great things, but what we accomplished was game changing.

Reflections on 2021:

we opened a new farm location and branded it The Market

we changed the look and model of food security in our area

we transitioned from our incredible National Guard support, to our own army of over 100 weekly volunteers and counting. 

we curated healthier food choices and saw health outcomes shift before our very eyes

we worked on designing innovative projects, and tested technology within our operations that optimized our customer’s experience

we designed systems that think the best of people, not rules that project the worst assumptions

we’ve connected with youth, and through the lens of food have created meaningful and interconnected community opportunities to be servant leaders

we developed partnerships with local food producers and distributors to create a new network of sustainability 

we instated an equitable food program and started repackaging multicultural ingredients and curating healthy recipes

we became a hub of community and hope


Happiest of New Year’s and thank you to all our customers, volunteers, staff, board, donors, and community members for all you’ve done to make this an amazing 2021 at the farm. To many more!