We Are Now GoodRoots Northwest

GoodRoots Northwest / December 1, 2023

Our New Name....πŸ’š

In the world of nonprofit organizations, a name is more than just a label; it reflects the organization's mission, values, and the impact it seeks to create. Changing the name of a nonprofit is a significant decision that usually comes after careful consideration and reflection on the organization's evolution and growth. Read on for more about the journey of the Bonney Lake Food Bank’s transformation and its transition to a new name: GoodRoots Northwest.


Our organization, formerly known as the "Bonney Lake Food Bank", has been a cornerstone of its community for years. This food bank was established with a simple but powerful mission: to alleviate hunger and food insecurity in the community. Volunteers and staff worked tirelessly to collect and distribute food to those in need, and they did so with dedication and compassion. 


Through our culture of dignity-first, offerings of fresh and nutritional foods, and exceptional customer service, the organization grew beyond its initial vision. We embraced innovation and technology to expand our services and programs to remove food access barriers through implementation of 24/7 service; we focused on the next generation by providing healthy foods to youth to ensure optimal childhood development; and formed collaborations with local farmers, food producers, and other nonprofits. We became an organization that utilizes a systems-approach to food security to ensure we achieve food solutions for the communities we serve.  


With this expansion and evolution, we began to recognize that the name "Bonney Lake Food Bank" no longer adequately captured the breadth and depth of our work or the 200 square miles we now serve. It was clear that a new name was needed to reflect our regional presence. 


After years of brainstorming, the organization hired a Marketing firm, Hemisphere Design + Marketing, to help dive into our values and community service. Through this last year of intense thought and exploration, we are happy to unveil our new name and logo. This name was carefully chosen to represent the organization's commitment to building strong, resilient, and self-sustaining communities. The name "GoodRoots" embodies the idea that a thriving community is like a healthy tree, with deep and strong roots that provide stability, nourishment, and support to everyone. 


Our logo has both literal and metaphorical narratives--at first glance, you clearly see the sun peeking out behind the sprout in the field, and the leafy green with spreading roots on the left-hand side. The elements of the sun, the field, the sprout and the rooted leafy green, all coming together to form a circle, or a cycle. Each element has significance:

The Sun: rising, a new day, or a new beginning.

The Sprout: the start of something new, fresh growth.

The Field: the partnership between GoodRoots and local farmers.

The Rooted leafy green: high quality and nutritious food, a rooted community, spreading more roots, feeling connected.

All these elements represent the mission of GoodRoots in a beautiful way. GoodRoots is a new and innovative system focused on supporting both communities and local partners, striving to continue growing and expanding our reach to ensure food security for all. 


The transition from the "Bonney Lake Food Bank" to "GoodRoots" is a thoughtful and strategic process. By the end of the year, we will be updating the organization's website, social media profiles, and marketing materials.  

New logos and brand visuals have been designed to reflect the new name's vibrancy and purpose.  


While the name may have changed, the mission of GoodRoots remains the same: to combat food insecurity and empower communities to thrive. The organization's commitment to sustainable solutions and addressing the root causes of hunger is now more evident than ever. 

Our programs of The Market, Lockers, Healthy Youth, and Farm to Fork will continue to provide nutritional food access and food security. 


The transformation of the Bonney Lake Food Bank into GoodRoots is a testament to the power of adaptability and growth of an organization. It serves as a reminder that we have evolved; our name should evolve with us and reflect our expanded mission and the profound impact we aim to create. The story of GoodRoots is a powerful example of how a fresh name can plant the seeds for a promising future. With the new identity, Good Roots is poised to continue making a difference and nourishing communities for years to come.